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March ’10’s Literary Dirtbag Nominees

March 30, 2010

Am having a dilemma as to who to pick for March’s MLLD. Front runners are the following:

1)Rex Mottram from Brideshead Revisited: Total dirtbag and probably the guy I will end up picking. Slimy politician who ‘converts’ to Catholicism in order to marry Julia (and I say ‘converts’ lightly, because he basically told the priest he’d agree with anything he said). He also gets Julia the tortoise with her initials in diamonds imbedded in the shell, which I thought was BEYOND HORRIBLE. He also has affairs with other women….but so did most of the other people in BR.

2)Simon March from The Adventures of Augie March. He started out okay as the studious bookworm, but ends up being this super-angry guy who is successful in business but a real jerk. He yells at everyone, makes fun of his mother-in-law for the way she dresses (actually rips her shirt off in one scene), and is mean to his wife Charlotte. Plus then he has the affair with Renee, thinks she got pregnant and doesn’t want the kid. What a lowlife.

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