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Why Read the Hundred?

I’ve received emails from interested readers asking why I would read a list of books like this, some of which won’t be fun, light reading, and some of which are hated by other readers with a passion most blogs can only hope to contain. My answer is this: Natural Curiosity. This list is a concrete group of books that a bunch of people smarter than me agree are the essential tomes of last century’s literature. I would like to see if I agree with these folks.

Many may ask why I’ve decided to read them in order from #100 to #1. That’s easy. I figure if I start with the book that’s the ‘worst’ of the group, things can only get better. Plus, reading them serially prevents me from skipping books I know I will hate, which with my natural procrastinative (is that even a word?) nature would leave me with a stack of horrible books I would never want to finish at the end.

Hope that answers any questions! Read on!

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