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Modern Library Literary Dirtbags

Modern Library Literary Dirtbag Award Winners
This is an award given monthly to a character in the books I’ve read during that month who is truly and utterly a dirtbag. Feel free to nominate your own Literary Dirtbags!!

Sept ’09-TIE (Port Moresby from The Sheltering Sky, Sebastian Dangerfield from The Ginger Man)

Oct ’09-Mr R from Wide Sargasso Sea

Nov ’09-Nicholas Urfe from The Magus

Dec ’09-Gerald Scales from The Old Wives’ Tale

Jan ’10-Willie Conklin from Ragtime

Feb ’10-Anna Quayne from The Death of the Heart

March ’10-Simon March from The Adventures of Augie March

April ’10-The unnamed Russian guy from Kim.

May ’10-Teddy Lloyd from The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie.

June ’10-Tod Hackett from The Day of the Locust

July ’10-Emily Bas-Thornton from A High Wind in Jamaica

August ’10-Bertha Dorset from The House of Mirth

September ’10-the entire town of Gopher Prairie in Main Street. Backstabbing busybodies, all of them!

October ’10-Mildred from Of Human Bondage

November ’10-Everyone in A Clockwork Orange.

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