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Libris Interruptus…Book Returners Anonymous

February 19, 2010

Have any of you out there ever returned a book to a bookstore for any reason…and what was the excuse you gave the clerk when you returned it? I was unemployed in the Winter of 2008-09 and I read Bernhard Schlink’s The Reader in, I kid you not, about 6 hours (a really good book if you haven’t read it yet). I returned it to Target because 1) I knew I wouldn’t read it again because it was super-sad, and 2) it was still in beautiful condition. They asked no questions. I returned Ken Follett’s The Pillars of the Earth to Barnes and Noble last year after reading a grand total of 50 pages and deciding it was the most boring book I had ever read….and I was honest with the lady at the counter. And I know most people love that book with a devotion that borders on papal reverence, so I was super disappointed.

What about you guys?

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