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August 13, 2010

For those of you joining us from the Crazy for Books Book Blogger Hop, welcome! Glad you’re here. This site is your oyster…crack it open and take a look! It goes great with a good Pinot Grigio! I’ve dedicated myself and my reading free time, foregoing anything involving vampires, zombies, shopaholics and Stephanie Plum, to reading the Modern Library’s Top 100 Board’s list from the last century. We’ve been at it almost a year now, and I’m about thirty books through. So at this rate, by the time I’m done, the Modern Library will probably have put together their Top 100 list from this century! Right on!

The question the book blogger folks ask us this week is, how many books are on your TBR shelf? What a great question. When I first started the blog, I refused to go out and buy the next book on the list until it was time to read it, so that I wouldn’t get all freaked out when I read the back cover and dread reading it. Well, that went by the wayside long ago when I realized half the books on the list aren’t readily available at my neighborhood Barnes and Noble, and basically have to be exhumed from someone’s basement and sold on Thanks to the internet, and my newfound worship of Half-Price Books. I currently have 18 books on the shelf ready to go.

Those of you who are already following us here at Journeys, and are waiting breathlessly for my review of Lawrence Durrell’s Clea, I’m about 15 pages from finishing it up. Let me tell ya, I cannot wait to be done dragging around a book that is roughly the size and weight of my car. Although my right arm is looking a bit more toned these days.

Thanks for stopping by!
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