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March ’10 ML Literary Dirtbag Award

April 1, 2010

Drumroll, please….after much thought I had to give it to Simon March, Augie’s big brother in The Adventures of Augie March. I re-read the part the other night where he ripped off his mother-in-law’s shirt right in front of everyone because he didn’t like the way she dressed, and I just got PISSED OFF. No one has the right to do that, no matter how rich and/or successful they are. He would probably go to jail in this day and age, anyway, so I can be comforted with that. He was also so smarmy about his success and his money. I hate people like that.

Plus I hate guys that have affairs as a rule. It wouldn’t have hurt Simon to class it up a little and not ‘ho himself around but unfortunately he had to go Full-on Dirtbag. Also guys that don’t own up to their responsibilities (even if Renee didn’t have the kid, he still should have been ready to step up, at least financially) are scum. So he has well-earned this month’s award. Congrats to Simon.

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