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February’s ML Literary Dirtbag

March 2, 2010

After much debate (and about 100 more pages of Angle of Repose) I’ve chosen Anna Quayne as this month’s MLLD. The Death of the Heart kicks off with her whining to her friend about Portia’s messy room (hello? Has she ever met any teenagers EVER?), and admitting she’s read Portia’s diary on the sly and doesn’t like what she sees. She kind of has a thing going with Eddie, whether it’s against her will or not, because she encourages her husband to hire him at his business to get him out of her hair, and at the end begs her husband NOT to fire Eddie even though he deserves it. She knows exactly the kind of guy Eddie is, yet she lets Portia hang out with him. It made me really glad that she doesn’t have kids of her own, and made me hope beyond hope that Portia got the hell out of Dodge after the year was up.

I have about 25 pages left of Angle of Repose, so a review should be forthcoming. 🙂

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